A letter from Mayor McCabe to Waterloo students

Posted On Wednesday September 20, 2023

Dear students and alumni,

I’m very happy to welcome you all to Waterloo! Whether you’re beginning your academic career or returning for Homecoming, Wilfrid Laurier University’s annual Homecoming weekend is a chance to celebrate. This city would not be what it is without our students and graduates, and we’re proud to support you.

This weekend, as a proud alum and your Mayor, I look forward to all that’s being offered by Wilfrid Laurier University, and the City of Waterloo. There are great events planned (I’ll be at the women’s basketball game on Friday evening, and the men’s football game on Saturday). I encourage you to visit some of Waterloo’s fantastic restaurants and pubs in uptown or check out Lumen, our spectacular festival where light, tech and art come together.

Please celebrate responsibly. Remember that as a resident of our city, we need your support as well. The safety of students, neighbours and community partners is a priority, and your actions have a direct impact on everyone’s safety.

Large street gatherings can be dangerous and put everyone at risk. Consider the direct risk to yourself, including health risks from binge drinking, personal safety in crowds, and the potential for violence or assault.

Consider the risk to our community: if paramedic services and law enforcement officers are busy assisting injured students or addressing large crowd concerns, they aren’t available to respond to other emergency calls. Our local emergency rooms and hospitals are already at capacity. Please don’t add to their stress by risking your safety or the safety of others.

Celebrate responsibly at someone’s home, at one of the great Laurier-hosted events, or our local restaurants and bars. Stay with a friend, have your identification on-hand, and look out for one another.

This is your neighbourhood too. We’re glad you’re here. Please treat your neighbours with respect.

Stay golden,

Dorothy McCabe
BA Communications and History, WLU Class of 1991
Mayor of Waterloo