Community benefits charge and parkland conveyance

Learn about community benefits charges, parkland conveyance and cash-in-lieu contributions.

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Community benefits charges

A community benefits charge is a fee from the city for development or redevelopment of higher density residential properties. The fees collected help to pay for costs related to higher density residential growth.

The charge is capped at 4% of the value of the land, the day before the first building permit is issued. Community benefits charges applies to buildings with five or more storeys and 10 more residential units. It applies to all lands within the City of Waterloo, exemptions can be found in the bylaw.

The community benefits charge is applied through the community benefits charge bylaw that was approved on September 26, 2022 and is collected according to Section 37 of the Province of Ontario's Planning Act.

Read the community benefits charges strategy for more information.

Parkland conveyance and cash-in-lieu

When development or redevelopment of land occurs in the city, the conveyance of land for parks or other public recreational purposes is required for the following:

  • dedication of land for parks or other public recreational purposes
  • payment in lieu of actual land dedication called cash-in-lieu of parkland
  • combination of parkland dedication and a cash-in-lieu payment

Parkland and cash-in-lieu contributions are calculated in accordance with the city's parkland dedication bylaw that was approved on September 26, 2022 as guided by the Province of Ontario's Planning Act.

Annual report

According to the Planning Act, any Council of a municipality that passes a Community Benefits Charge by-law under Section 37, and/or a Parkland Dedication by-law under Section 42, must provide an annual report to the public. 

This annual statement is available for download, or a hard copy is available upon request by visiting the Finance counter located on the first floor of Waterloo City Centre, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Download the annual report (PDF)


For questions about the city's community benefits charges bylaw or the parkland conveyance and cash-in-lieu bylaw, you can email the building department