Council meetings

Council meetings are regularly scheduled on Mondays throughout the year. The council calendar has meeting times, agendas and minutes. All meetings are open to the public.

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  1. Meeting format and conduct
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  3. What to expect when speaking at council
  4. How and when to register as a delegation

Meeting format and conduct

Waterloo city council meets throughout the year to make decisions on municipal matters. To speak on an item before council a person must register in advance. See below for instructions.

The procedure bylaw (PDF) outlines how council meetings are conducted, including minutes, presentations, delegations, rules of conduct, voting and motions in council meetings.

People attending council may take pictures and take recordings as long as they do not disrupt the meeting. All electronic devices must be turned off or switched to silent mode. 

Banners and signs are not permitted in the council chambers. 

View council meeting webcast

Live streams and videos of past council meetings are available on YouTube.

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What to expect when speaking at council

Any person is welcome to speak before council at a public meeting.

Here is what to typically expect when speaking before council:

  1. The Chair of the council meeting will call the delegation’s name and ask them to come to the podium. If the delegation sent an electronic presentation, it will be ready for them.
  2. Delegations will then be allowed to speak for their allotted time. Speakers can begin by addressing the council as “Mayor and members of council”.
  3. After the delegation has finished speaking, councillors may ask them questions.
  4. Once councillors are finished asking questions, the delegation will be excused and asked to be seated.

  5. Councillors may then ask staff questions about the delegation’s comments.

If you register as a 'delegation' (what we call speakers at council) before 10:00 a.m. on the Friday preceding the meeting, you will have 10 minutes to speak. If you register after 10 a.m. on Friday and before 10 a.m. on Monday, you will have 5 minutes to speak.

Groups speaking as a delegation are encouraged to select one spokesperson. 

If you have an electronic presentation it will be loaded for you, assuming you provided it ahead of time. 

How and when to register as a delegation

If you are interested in appearing at a council meeting, please apply to be a registered delegation. 

Registration closes the Monday of the meeting at 10:00 a.m. 

Except when speaking during public discussion portions of informal and formal meetings, all delegations must register to speak in advance of the meeting.

The below link has contact information for our council coordinator if you have any further questions. 

If you are not able to attend in person, you may delegate someone to speak for you. Do this in writing by emailing

Members of the public may also submit written comments to, which will be provided to the Mayor, Council, and senior staff prior to the meeting, and will form part of the public record.

To find out when the next council meeting is, see our council calendar

Apply as a delegation

You can also visit us in person at the Legislative Services counter on the third floor of city hall.