Demolition control

Demolition control approval is required by the Chief Building Official before you can apply to demolish a residential unit. It does not apply to commercial, industrial, institutional or accessory buildings.

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About demolition control

Demolition control allows the city to manage the demolition of residential units and maintain the integrity of neighbourhoods. It also prevents parcels of land from becoming vacant for long periods of time before new uses have been considered and constructed.

Full regulatory details are in the Demolition Control Bylaw.

If the proposed demolition is part of a development that requires approval from the Committee of Adjustment or Site Plan Review Committee, it must receive a recommendation for approval before it proceeds to demolition control. This flow chart (PDF) shows how demolition control fits with other planning processes.

Application process

To complete a successful application you must:

  1. Download and complete a demolition control application (PDF)
  2. Include the following documents of the proposed development:
    • site plan or plot plan
    • elevation drawings
    • photographs of the buildings to be demolished
    • source protection plan screening form (PDF)
    • source water protection plan document (find instructions below)
  3. Submit your application through email to Contact Samantha if you are unable to submit digital documents.
Source water protection

All applications must comply with the Region of Waterloo’s source water protection plan. Follow this process to ensure your pre-consultation application is complete:

  1. Go to the region's source water protection map.

  2. Click on "I need a document for a building permit or development application" and enter location.

  3. Answer questions as prompted and download Notice of Source Protection Plan document.

  4. Save the document and include it in your application.

If you have issues with obtaining the required documentation from the Region's website, contact to obtain your Section 59 Notice. Provide the address in question, reference City of Waterloo Demolition Control, and include the description of the proposal in the request.


The fee to apply for a single building is $620 and $282 for each additional building. We accept cash, cheque or debit. You can pay for your application by:

  1. In-person at the IPPW counter on the second floor of the Waterloo City Centre
  2. Send a cheque via mail to:
    ATTN: Development Planning
    100 Regina Street South
    PO Box 337, Station Waterloo
    Waterloo, ON
    N2J 4A8
  3. Deposit a cheque in the secure drop box at the William Street side of Waterloo City Centre building in with the cheque memo ATTN: Planning Approvals.

Review process

  1. After submitting a complete application, the review process usually takes up to 10 business days.
  2. If the application is consistent with the city's Demolition Control requirements, the Chief Building Official will make a decision. If it isn't, the application will be referred to city council with a staff report for consideration.
  3. You will be notified when your application is approved.

Next steps

If your application is approved, you have to apply for a Demolition Permit before work can begin.

If council denies your application you can discuss your options with staff. 

If you have questions about your application, contact us at 519-747-8583, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or Samantha Willock at