Development applications

Committee of Adjustment

Apply for a minor variance, severance, right of way, easement, lease or variance through the Committee of Adjustment.

Site plan applications

Site plans are required for most development projects. Learn more about the application process, guidelines and applicable fees.

Demolition control

Demolition control approval is required before we issue a permit to demolish a residential unit.

Site alteration permits

Apply for a permit if you're removing or dumping large quantities of soil, rock or other materials from a work site.

Condominiums and subdivisions

The Region of Waterloo is the approval authority for condominiums and subdivisions after receiving input from the city.

Telecommunications towers

The City of Waterloo is a commenting agency for new telecommunication facilities. Find our policy and application process here.

Apply to alter municipal systems

Learn when and how to submit an alteration application for watermain, stormwater or wastewater collection infrastructure.