Privately owned publicly accessible spaces

Privately owned publicly accessibly spaces, known as POPS are spaces accessible to the public but are privately owned. Negotiated with developers as part of the application review process, they are meant to complement or extend public spaces, not replace them.

Why are POPS important

Public spaces create value and improve social well-being. POPS provide a critical bridge between publicly-owned spaces and privately-owned buildings and spaces. They play a role in place-making that benefits residents, employees and visitors to Waterloo. 

How POPS will be achieved

The city will encourage developers to provide publicly accessible open spaces on larger developments through the review of development applications, using tools available through the Planning Act

Examples of POPS

Photo Gallery: POPs will appear here on the public site.

More information on POPS

For full information on POPS view our Guidelines for Privately Owned Publicly Accessible Spaces:

View guidelines here

Other resources that may be helpful is our urban design manual page or our final uptown public realm strategy (PDF).