Standard drawings

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  1. Complete standard drawings
  2. Purpose
  3. Details directory
  4. Section 100: General
  5. Section 200: Roads
  6. Section 300: Servicing
  7. Section 400: Lot grading
  8. Section 500: Accesses, pathways, trails and gates
  9. Section 600: Signage
  10. Section 700: Tree protection and plantings
  11. Section 800: Parks and site furniture
  12. Section 900: Construction

1.0 Complete standard drawings

View the full PDF version of the standard drawings.

Standard drawings (PDF)

2.0 Purpose

The City of Waterloo has adopted the “Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings and Specifications (OPSS, OPSD)” except where amended, as indicated, in this Manual. The details found in this volume are specific to the City of Waterloo and are intended to be used, on projects, within the City limits.

These details are not sealed by a licensed engineer or landscape architect. The City accepts no liability in the use of these details and the application of these details is the sole responsibility of the licensed engineering practitioner or landscape architect for the project.

3.0 Detail directory

Section 100: General

CW-101 Standard Title Block

Section 200: Roads

Section 200: Roads

CW-201 Typical Road Cross-section

CW-211 Driveway Ramp and Boulevard Details

CW-212 Curb Face Sidewalk Driveway Ramp Detail

CW-221 AODA Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Details

CW-222 Tactile Walking Surface Indicator Depressed Curb Details

CW-223 Depressed Curb Details for Intersections

CW-224 Depressed Curb Details for Midblock Crossings

CW-225 Depressed Curb Details For Roundabouts

CW-226 Depressed Curb Details For Channelized Islands

CW-241 Pedestrian Refuge Island

Section 300: Servicing

Section 300: Servicing

CW-301 Service Connection Location Single Lot

CW-302 Service Connection Location Semi Detached Lot

CW-311 Cul-de-Sac Water Servicing

CW-312 Standard Yard Hydrant Detail

CW-321 Tracer Wire General Layout

CW-322 Tracer Wire - Detail #1 Hydrant Leads

CW-323 Tracer Wire - Detail #2 Large Dia. Water Services (100 mm & Greater)

CW-324 Tracer Wire - Detail #3 Residential Water Services (Up to 50 mm)

CW-325 Tracer Wire - Detail #4 Connections to Existing Watermains

CW-331 Standard 15mm Meter Assembly Detail

CW-332 Standard 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm Meter With Bypass

CW-333 25-50mm WMC Detail

CW-334 75mm-300mm Inline Flow Meter Chamber Details

Section 400: Lot grading

Section 400: Lot grading

CW-401 Typical Legend For Grading Plan

CW-402 Standard Lot - Development Plan

CW-411 Lot Drainage Type “A”

CW-412 Lot Drainage Type “B”

CW-413 Lot Drainage Type “C”

CW-414 Lot Drainage Type “D”

Section 500: Accesses, pathways, trails and gates

Section 500: Accesses, pathways, trails and gates

CW-501 Asphalt Multi-Use-Path / Trail and Maintenance Access Detail

CW-502 Walkway and Access Block Detail

CW-511 Park / Open Space Access Node Layout

CW-521 Single 1.8m Bollard Gate Detail

CW-522 Double 1.8m Bollard Gate Detail

CW-523 Double 2.3m Bollard Gate Detail

Section 600: Signage

Section 600: Signage

CW-601 Typical Temporary Pre-Construction Park Sign

CW-602 Permanent Park Signage Detail

CW-611 Street Name Signage

CW-621 Stormwater Management Pond Signage

Section 700: Tree protection and plantings

Section 700: Tree protection and plantings

CW-701 Tree Protection Fencing Detail

CW-702 Tree Protection Zone Signage

CW-711 Planting Detail, Shrub/Perennial

CW-721 Planting Detail, Deciduous Tree up to 100 mm Caliper

CW-722 Planting Detail, Deciduous Tree on Slope

CW-725 Planting Detail, Coniferous Tree Planting

CW-726 Planting Detail, Coniferous Tree on Slope

Section 800: Parks and site furniture

Section 800: Parks and site furniture

CW-801 Property Demarcation Post

CW-802 Property Demarcation Post and Living Fence Section

CW-805 Chainlink Fence Detail

CW-811 Accessible Resting Area and Park Bench Detail

CW-812 Single Inverted U Bike Rack

CW-821 Playground Sub-drainage and Concrete Edge Detail

CW-822 Accessible Playground Ramp Detail

CW-831 Standard Garbage Receptacle

CW-832 Dog Waste Containment System

Section 900: Construction

Section 900: Construction

CW-901 Typical Project Sign Board

CW-911 Trench Restoration Detail

CW-912 Asphalt Step Joint Restoration Detail