Multi-unit residential and non-residential

Building permits are required to construct, modify or renovate a non-residential or multi-unit residential building with four units or more.

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  1. Requirements
  2. How to submit an application
  3. Fees and timelines
  4. Plan and book inspections
  5. Additional contacts you may need

Requirements to submit an application

You need a set of drawings and the following forms to make an application:

How to submit an application

Prior to submission, ensure that all necessary and applicable permissions and approvals are met. Applications may need site approval, minor variance approval, or amendments to the zoning bylaw or official plan. View the rules and requirements on the business, planning and development page. The Planning team must provide approval before you apply for a permit to build. 

A complete application must be submitted with all the required forms, documents and applicable drawings. Building permit fees (see below) are required at the time of submission. Additional fees such as development charges and parkland will be calculated and invoiced at permit issuance.  

Visit the building permits page to submit your application.

Fees and timelines for application review

View the building permits page for fees and timelines.

Plan and book inspections

Once your building permit has been issued you may have the following inspections. 

Typical inspections include: 

  • commencement of construction 
  • final building inspection 

Note: Approved drawings must be available on site for all inspections. 

Review your issued permit card for a list of applicable inspections. 

Call the large building inspection line at 519-747-8789 to book your inspections. 

Additional contacts