A building permit is required to construct, demolish or modify a deck more than 24” above grade. A building permit is required for all roofs over decks.

Check to make sure you are meeting the zoning requirements on all decks including ones that do not require building permits. Decks must meet all zoning requirements. Visit the Zoning bylaw page to learn more.

On this page

  1. Fees and timelines
  2. How to submit an application
  3. Requirements to submit a permit application
  4. Plan and book inspections

How to submit an application

To submit an application for a building permit, visit our building permits page. To read about the requirements to submit an application for a deck permit, read below.

Requirements to submit a permit application

The following people may design the deck and provide the drawings:

  • a homeowner for decks on their own home and that do not have a roof
  • qualified designers with a BCIN
  • a professional engineer or architect

Forms needed

The permit application form, Schedule C, Schedule 1 and Owner Declaration are required for a permit application along with drawings as stated in the requirements. View and download the combined form (PDF).

Drawings needed

Drawings you submit must include the location of the existing structures and proposed deck including distance to all property lines. All items listed below must be included on drawings and drawn to scale (for example: ¼” = 1 foot)

View an example of a deck drawing (PDF)

The plan view of the deck must show:

  • clear description of existing and proposed structures
  • overall dimensions of deck
  • size and locations of posts and beams and cantilevers
  • size, spacing and direction of floor joists and cantilevers
  • location and dimensions of stairs

The elevation and section view must show 

  • height of deck from grade, type of guard system and/or privacy screens, provide manufacturer’s information for guard kits, if applicable
  • footing size and depth
  • connections details for guards, ledger board, post to beam and post to footing

Fees and timelines

The permit fee is $105. Payment is required when you file your application. The typical timeline to review a permit application for a deck is 10 days.

Plan and book inspections

Once your building permit has been issued you will have the following inspections:

  • footings must be inspected prior to pouring concrete in order to confirm size, depth and location
  • framing elements must be visible and accessible on site
  • the final deck must be complete with guards in place

Approved drawings must be available on site for all inspections.

Call the small building inspection line at 519-747-6120 to book your inspections.