A permit is required when a building is being demolished or when a portion of a building is being demolished (not an interior demolition). 

Residential buildings must receive demolition control approval before applying for a permit.

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  1. How to submit a demolition permit application
  2. Requirements to submit an application
  3. Fees

How to submit an application

To submit an application for a building permit, visit our building permits page. To read about the requirements to submit an application for a demolition permit, read below.

Requirements to submit a demolition permit application

The permit application form, Schedule 1, Commitment to Review and demolition control form are required for a permit application. If the building you are demolishing is residential, you must receive Planning division permission using the demolition control process before you apply for a permit. View the demolition control web page for residential demolition forms and requirements.

Download the required documents for the demolition permit application:

Designer qualifications

A professional engineer is required to undertake the general review (PDF) of the project during demolition only where:

  • the building exceeds three storeys in building height or 600 sq.m in building area
  • the building structure includes pre-tensioned members
  • the demolition will extend below the level of the footings of any adjacent building, and occur within the angle of repose of the soil, drawn from the bottom of such footings
  • explosives or lasers are user to be used during the course of demolition

Drawings and documentation

A copy of the property survey noting what is to be demolished must be submitted. Additional drawings may be requested at the discretion of the plans examiner.


Size of demolition Fee
Less than 10,000 sq.ft. $94.00
10,000 to 20,000 sq.ft. $250.88

Greater than 20,000 sq.ft.