With increased homelessness in Waterloo region and across Canada, you may notice more encampments in public places across the city.

Find out how the City of Waterloo is working with community partners to address the issue and what we're doing to help.

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  2. Local government response
  3. Report an encampment issue


The number of local people experiencing homelessness has grown significantly in recent years.

The Region of Waterloo estimates about 1,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness across the region, including 450 people experiencing chronic homelessness.

This is a complex issue impacted by many factors, including:

  • housing affordability
  • mental health and trauma
  • job loss and poverty
  • synthetic drugs and the opioid crisis

Local government response

The Region of Waterloo is the official 'service manager' for local housing and homelessness.

This means they play a leadership role in bringing together community partners, local municipalities, and provincial/federal government to work on this complex issue.

This includes:

The City of Waterloo is committed to playing our part to find solutions. 

This includes increasing the number of affordable housing units across the city and responding to encampment issues (find info below).

Report an encampment issue

If you have encampment related concerns: