Heritage alterations

Heritage conservation is legislated under the Ontario Heritage Act. The act requires a permit to make alterations that may change heritage features.

The municipal heritage register (PDF) details all protected properties, designated features, and non-designated properties of cultural value or interest. 

The Region of Waterloo conservation guide and Ontario Heritage Tool Kit are practical guides that can assist property owners.

MacGregor/Albert Heritage Conservation District (HCD)

The MacGregor/Albert Heritage Conservation District Plan (PDF) outlines the policies and guidelines to manage change in the neighbourhood. The follow information applies to this area specifically.

Activites that require compliance and permits in HCD 

Activity Zoning Compliance Demolition Permit Building Permit Site Plan Review* Heritage Permit
Demolition of building X X     X
Removal of building to different local site, or another site  X  X  X  X  X
Removal of front porch, verandah, porch stoop, enclosed porch or balcony  X  X  X    X
Structural intervention that affects external appearance of building  X    X
Addition to existing building: new room, increase in floor space, attached garage or carport, porch, verandah, porch stoop, enclosed porch, balcony or deck, or dormer window.   X  
Erection of new building or detached garage  
Laying out new driveway or parking space  
Re-pointing masonry, cleaning masonry of paint or grime, painting unpainted masonry, repainting masonry      X    X
Installation of new wall material to replace or cover existing wall material on any building facade visible from the street       X    X
Alteration to doors, windows, and their surrounds, or cutting new door or window openings on any building facade visible from the street  X    X    X
Alterations to roof shape, pitch, roofline or chimney design on any existing building   X    X    X
Removal or addition or architectural detail such as brackets, bargeboard, eaves, returns, finials, etc.       X    X

Heritage permit application process

  1. Review heritage permit guidelines (PDF) and contacts heritage staff to discuss the proposed work and to confirm whether it requires a permit. See contact info below.
  2. If permit is required, complete a Heritage Permit Application (PDF) and gather all supporting materials. 
  3. Submit to heritage@waterloo.ca or in person at the IPPW counter on the second floor of city hall. There is no fee. 
  4. Applications are due two weeks prior to a Municipal Heritage Committee meeting, which take place on the fourth Thursday of every month at noon. 
  5. The Municipal Heritage Committee meets to review the application. The applicant is encouraged to attend to answer questions that arise.
  6. The committee and city staff submit a recommendation to council, who makes a decision.
  7. The applicant is notified of council's decision and may appeal the decision to the Conservation Review Board within 30 days of receiving notice.
  8. From start to finish, the process usually takes about three months.

If you have questions about a permit or are unsure if you require one, contact our heritage planner at 519-747-6068, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or heritage@waterloo.ca.