Marriages and oaths

Get a marriage license, marry at City Hall in a civil ceremony, or get a signed declaration before a commissioner of oaths.

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  1. Get a marriage licence
  2. Get married at city hall
  3. Get a signed declaration by a commissioner of oaths

Obtain a marriage licence

We issue marriage licences on walk-in basis, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Appointments are not required. Please arrive by 4:15 p.m. with a complete application to ensure enough time.

Get a marriage licence at city hall. Find the city hall address on our city hall and service centre web page. Application, fees and service hours are below.

We issue licences for people getting married in Ontario. A licence is valid anywhere in the province for 90 days. There is no waiting period between getting a licence and your date of marriage.

Marriage licence and civil ceremony package

The combined fee for the marriage licence and civil ceremony is $315.

If you purchase a marriage licence or a ceremony separately:

  • the marriage licence fee is $149
  • the fee for a marriage ceremony is $190

Application process

  1. Complete and print an online marriage licence application
  2. Bring all necessary documents for both parties when you come to City Hall to get your license.
  3. Original documentation is required for both parties.
  4. Only one person is required for the issuance of the license, but the application must be signed by both parties. Digital signatures will not be accepted.
  5. Licenses are issued in person at the legislative services counter in city hall. They take 10 to 15 minutes to issue and we are open Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  6. The fee is $149. We accept cash or debit.
  7. A printable form (PDF) and more information can be found on the province's website. 

Supporting documents 

Two pieces of identification must be provided for both individuals. Expired, electronic or photocopied identification is not acceptable. Ontario health cards and social insurance number (SIN) cards are not acceptable forms of identification to obtain a marriage licence.

Any two of the following pieces of identification are accepted, provided at least one contains a current photo and signature:

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Valid driver's licence
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian government refugee travel document
  • United States green card
  • Native status card
  • Permanent residency card or record of immigrant landing
  • Ontario photo card
  • Citizenship card from any country

Documents in a language other than English or French must be translated by a certified translator. A certified true copy of the above is also acceptable.

Divorced applicants

If a previous marriage was dissolved or annulled in Canada, the original or court certified copy (not photocopies) of the decree absolute or certificate of divorce must be presented with the completed application.

A decree nisi, divorce order or divorce judgment is not acceptable proof of divorce.

If a divorce was granted outside Canada, additional documentation must be provided and it may take four weeks or longer to obtain a marriage licence. The necessary forms are available at city clerk's office.

Age of consent

You need to be at least 16 years old to get married in Ontario.

Under 18 years old: you will need written consent from both your parents. You can get consent forms from the same office as a marriage licence.

Widows and widowers

If you are a widow or widower, proof of death of your former spouse is not required. 

Get married at city hall

 Ceremony requirements

  • both parties must be present
  • must have a valid Ontario marriage licence (see above)
  • must have two 18+ witnesses – the city can provide witnesses for $30 each
  • cost for a marriage ceremony is $190 (we accept cash or debit) or save $24 by purchasing your marriage license at the City of Waterloo
  • if you purchase your marriage licence at the City of Waterloo, there is a combined cost of $315 for the licence and the ceremony
  • must provide their own interpreter if one or both applicants do not speak and/or understand English or require sign language interpretation
  • interpreter cannot be one of the witnesses
  • interpreter is required to sign a form confirming that wedding ceremony has been represented accurately

 Booking a ceremony

  • we offer civil ceremonies Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
  • ceremonies will be held at city hall in council chambers
  • we offer one basic ceremony script
  • your booking is not confirmed until we contact you

Book ceremony online

Get a signed declaration from a commissioner of oaths

The Commissioner for taking Affidavits Act allows city employees to take declarations and administer oaths. This is not the same as a notary public. A commissioner only has the authority to administer oaths and take affidavits.

The fee to commission a document is $30. We accept cash or debit.

For more information about commissioner of oath and notary public visit the Ministry of Attorney General website.

Requirements for declarations and oaths

In order for us to commission a document, you must:
  • bring a current government issued photo identification with a signature on it
  • sign documents in the presence of the commissioner
  • understand that the commissioner has the right to refuse commissioning services of any document upon meeting their specification 

Documents that the city can commission 

For documents not included on this list, please contact a notary public.

  • appointment of special constable

  • affidavit for lost outdoors card

  • amendment to Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate

  • delayed statement of live birth

  • immunization exemption forms

  • domestic and foreign pension documents, proof of life

  • proof of residency, owner/tenant letters

  • statutory declaration by a person for change of sex designation

  • Canadian citizenship form(s)

  • statutory declaration of lost identification, must include police report number

  • sworn statement for the transfer of a used motor vehicle in the province of Ontario

  • affidavits for Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

  • statements for statutory declaration for Ontario Students Assistant Program (OSAP) of common-law status and supporting children

  • statutory declaration of theft of a HST cheque or federal cheque

  • affidavit of unregistered vehicle such as boards, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers etc.

  • statutory declaration for motor vehicle deals compensation fund

  • statutory declaration to accompany digital application submissions to the Development Planning division. More information about the process is found on development web pages when it is applicable. A digital Statutory Declaration of Oaths form (PDF) can be printed to use and reference application submissions.

Documents that the city can't commission 

  • notary public documents

  • estate settlement documents, wills, certificate of appointment of estate trustee without a will

  • divorce, separation marriage or cohabitation agreements

  • litigation guardian affidavit

  • power of attorney

  • mining claim forms or transfers for the province

  • transferring of un-patented mining claims

  • exposure device operator

  • custody documents

  • documents involving debts such as bankruptcy

  • real estate related documents

  • court, legal or civil issue related documents

  • declaration of claimant and indemnity and replacement of shares

  • statutory declaration of progress payment holdback security deposit

  • statement of arrears

  • tender documents

  • declaration of translator

  • age of majority or BYID card application

  • certified true copies

  • Ontario mortgage corporation documents

  • travel affidavit

  • affidavit of lost cheque