Pedestrian crossovers

A pedestrian crossover is a marked road crossing where drivers and cyclists by law must stop for pedestrians wanting to cross the road. 

A crossover is not like a crosswalk because it is not located in an intersection with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs. Some pedestrian crossovers do have flashing lights to help catch the attention of drivers.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians have to understand and follow the rules of the road.

On this page

  1. Actions to take for drivers
  2. Actions to take for pedestrians and cyclists
  3. Watch our pedestrian crossover video
  4. Types of crossovers

Actions to take for drivers

It is important for drivers to:
  • pay attention to what’s around you and be ready to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross the road
  • stop behind marked yield line, “sharks teeth” markings, or little triangles
  • make eye contact with pedestrians to make sure they see you
  • allow the pedestrian to cross the length of the road before driving through the crossover. This may be from curb to opposite curb, or from curb to median curb if the crossover is a two-stage crossover, as on University Avenue at Park Road.
  • you may drive with caution once the road is clear, even if the lights are still flashing

Actions to take for pedestrians and cyclists

For pedestrians, it is important to:
  • use caution and make sure the driver or cyclist has enough time to stop before you begin to cross
  • stand close to the curb, press the button to activate the flashing lights if applicable
  • making eye contact to ensure the drivers can see you before you begin cross
  • look both ways and look for traffic to stop
  • cross when traffic has come to complete stop and you feel it’s safe
  • if you are crossing at a two-stage crossover, you will need to push the button and repeat the process from the median/island
For cyclists, it is important to:
  • dismount, follow the rules for pedestrians and walk with your bike
  • when riding with traffic follow rules for drivers

Watch our pedestrian crossover video

Watch our video to learn how to use pedestrian crossovers safely as a pedestrian, cyclist and driver. 

Types of crossovers

There are three types of pedestrian crossovers, called B, C or D. They all have lines that mark the crossing area, roadside signs and a clear spot for motorist and cyclists to stop, with noticeable differences marked below. 

Type B

Pedestrians crossing at a crossover

  • flashing lights
  • overhead signs

Type C

Pedestrians crossing at a crossover

  • located at University Avenue at Park Street, and on Regina Street at the Spur Line trail
  • flashing lights

Type D

Pedestrians crossing at a crossover

  • located in most roundabouts in the city
  • only roadside signs
  • no flashing lights