Road occupancy permits

A permit is required to a occupy or close a city road, sidewalk or boulevard to conduct work or other activities. You cannot block any portion of a city right-of-way without a permit. We may issue fines or an order to stop work. 

Application process

  1. Download and complete an application for road occupancy permit (PDF).
  2. Obtain a certificate of insurance as indicated in the application form.
  3. Submit complete application at least five days before project starts.
  4. Forms can be submitted in person at the Waterloo Service Centre or by email to
  5. Fees vary depending on the type of permit and the amount of days/vehicles used on the road. Check application for full details. Payment must be made in person with cash, cheque or debit.

To learn more about how you could be impacted by not securing a road occupancy permit, view the Regulate Work on Highways and Boulevards Bylaws.

The Region of Waterloo manages oversized load permits. To learn more about their application process, view their website