Roads, sidewalks and trails

We maintain a network of city roads, sidewalks and trails. The Region of Waterloo manages public transitregional roads, and traffic lights

Road, sidewalk and trail closures

View all closures in the City of Waterloo. Find links to closures in other cities and on regional and provincial roads.

Loose leaf collection

Service starts in late October. Find your zone and estimated collection date.

Snow removal

Learn more about how we keep roads, sidewalks and trails clear during winter, and how to report uncleared areas.

Pedestrian crossovers

Learn how pedestrian crossovers are marked on road crossing for drivers and cyclists to stop and pedestrians to use.


Find cycling maps, register for our online newsletter, find bike parking options and learn more about cycling safety.


We have over 150 km of off-road and multi-use trails. Find trail locations, maps and descriptions here.

A Vision for Road Safety

Learn what Waterloo is doing to implement a vision zero philosophy and how you can help.

Crossing guards

Find crossing guards locations throughout Waterloo and the traffic criteria we use to place them.

Construction projects

Find out what roads and trails are under construction or planned over the next year.

Driveways and curb cuts

Locate a water valve on your driveway prior to paving, or request a curb cut.

Road occupancy permit

A permit is required to a occupy or close a city road, sidewalk or boulevard to conduct work or other activities.

Special event permit

A permit is required for events that interfere with the normal flow of traffic or require a full sidewalk or road closure.

Street lights

Find out who maintains the street lights and how to request service.

Traffic calming

How to initiate a traffic calming study, learn about the process from start to finish and find information on traffic calming policy.