Special event permit

Due to COVID-19 we are only taking applications for events happening after August 31. Please apply for your special event permit and one of our staff will be in touch regarding your application. This does not guarantee a permit for your event date as the current situation changes.

Visit our COVID-19 webpage to find out how city services are affected.

A permit is required for events that interfere with the normal flow of traffic or require a full sidewalk or road closure. Parades, walk-a-thons, races, festivals, carnivals, demonstrations and other events impacting the roadway.

There is no fee for a special event permit. The timeline for approval along the light rail transit route is 60 to 120 days. Events requesting road and/or lane closures require a minimum of 60 days, and events using only sidewalk or trails require 30 to 60 days.

Apply for special event permit