Stages and support structures

Demountable stages and support structures are temporary platforms for performances or events. You need a permit if one of the following applies:

  • more than 60 square metres in area
  • more than 225 square metres in combined area
  • more than 3 metres in height above adjacent grade level
  • any part of the platform or any roof, wall or structure attached to or on any of the platforms is 5 metres or more in height above adjacent ground level
  • designed to carry superimposed specified loads greater than 115 kilograms
  • would create a hazard to the public

For more information, view the Ontario Building Code amendment regulation (O.Reg. 30/23).

On this page

  1. Submit an application
  2. Application requirements
  3. Fees and timelines
  4. Plan and book inspections

Submit an application

To apply for a building permit, visit our building permits page. Read about the requirements to apply for a demountable stage or support structure permit below.

Application requirements

The permit application form, Schedule D, Schedule 1 and Commitment to Review are required for a permit application. View and download the form (PDF).
If you require this form in a different format, contact 519-747-8712, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941, or

Designer qualifications

A professional engineer must design and perform a field review of demountable stages and support structures. 

Drawings and documents

You will need to submit the following drawings (drawn to scale) and documents:

  • site plan showing the location of demountable stages and support structures, including distances to other buildings/structures
  • a certificate of flame resistance (NFPA 701 or CAN/ULC-S109)
  • firefighting provisions (locations of fire hydrants, fire access route and fire extinguishers)
  • floor plan drawings
  • elevation drawings

Fees and timelines

The building permit fee for demountable stages or support structures is $156.80 per event per property.

The typical timeframe to review demountable stages or support structures is 10 business days. Our review timelines depend on the type of project and comply with the Ontario Building Code. 

Plan and book inspections

After receiving your building permit, you may have the following inspections: 

  • commencement of construction 
  • final building inspection 

Note: Approved drawings must be available on-site for all inspections. 

Review your permit card for a list of applicable inspections. 

Call the large building inspection line at 519-747-8789 to book your inspections.