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The Arts Grant Program supports arts organizations with funding for operations, specific projects and capital. Learn how to apply, who is eligible, what you need, and when to submit your application.

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How to apply

The Arts Grant Program is currently closed and will re-open in January 2025.

2024 applicants have all been contacted with outcomes. If you applied and have not heard, please contact

Who can apply

To be eligible for the Arts Grant, the organization must:

  • have an organizational mandate to deliver art programming or initiatives
  • deliver programs, services or projects that must benefit the residents of the City of Waterloo by providing opportunities to participate in the arts
  • be organized for a minimum of one year
  • comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and bylaws for all levels of government
  • submit a complete application form providing all documents by the deadline

For complete grant information, read the Arts Grants Policy (PDF). 

If you're unsure if your organization qualifies, please contact us. 

What you need to apply

The maximum amount for an Arts Grant is 10% of the organization's total annual budget. Funds can support operating, project and capital costs.

Learn more about operating, project and capital grants
Operating grants
  • are for ongoing costs that support the day-to-day working of your organization 
  • examples include rent, insurance, telephone and internet services, staff salaries, program expenses and in-house training

Project grants
  • one-time, temporary projects with a specific objective
  • are completed in a set timeframe with a clear beginning and end date
  • must differ from your core services or programs
Capital grants 
  • one-time expenses for structures, equipment, or other long-term assets

Other grants

Visit our neighbourhoods website or Sports and Recreation Grant page for information on other funding opportunities.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need more information about the Arts Grant Program, please email