Bechtel Park

Bechtel Park is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The park's indoor field house, the Manulife Soccer and Sports Complex, is currently open daily for pre-booked programs and rentals only.

Facility info

Park staff can be reached during business hours at 519-576-2420.

If you're driving, the main entrance to the park is at 185 Bridge Street West. Free parking is available. Follow roads into the park and watch for signage.

Entrance procedure for indoor fieldhouse

To come inside a recreation centre you need to show proof of vaccination or a valid exemption, fill out a screening form and provide contact info.

1. Proof of vaccination or valid exemption

You must show proof of vaccination or have a valid exemption to come inside.

Read full vaccine and exemption rules

2. Complete screening and provide contact info

Each person coming inside must complete a health screening form on the same day as your activity. This will include contact info for tracing purposes.

Activity participants

Activity participants must complete a PDF form.

This can be done through:

We will help you complete screening at the door if you don't have a device or forgot to do it.

Spectators, parents/guardians and visiting teams

Spectators, parents/guardians, and members of visiting teams (including their parents/guardians and spectators) must complete a paper form for screening and contact tracing.

We will provide these at the door.

3. Wait outside entrance to be greeted

A staff member will greet you at the marked entrance to confirm proof vaccination/exemption and completion of screening.

Procedure for using the fieldhouse

Entry process
  1. Participants should arrive dressed for their activity and line up outside the facility entrance per signage and markings. Participants must follow all floor marking and signage.
  2. Fieldhouse participants enter though the main door near the service ramp and exit through the lobby.
  3. A facility ambassador will meet the rental group and will provide entry 15 minutes prior to the rental start time and once all members have arrived. Late arrivals will jeopardize the full rental time. Participants must follow the direction of the ambassador.
  4. Guardians or caregivers, if required, will count towards the maximum indoor space capacity. Please check with your program or minor sport organization for how this may be managed.

  5. Participants are encouraged to bring their own filled water bottles. There will be limited bottle refilling stations open should participants need to refill their bottles.
Using the facility
  1. Dressing rooms and showers are available.
  2. Washrooms are available but are not to be used as change/dressing rooms.
  3. Players must wear mask in common areas, removing the mask is only permitted during play.
  4. Spectators (if allowed) and participants must remain in the designated activity space and not wander around the facility.
  5. Sport bags are permitted but must be not be piled on top of one another.
  6. Players and participants must ensure physical distancing is maintained on the players’ benches.
  7. No participant, parent/guardian or spectator shall spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility
  8. Following the rental period, please leave the playing surface immediately.
  9. Participants must exit the facility within 5 minutes of rental activity ending.
  10. Ensure all equipment is picked up in advance to enable an immediate exit from the playing surface.
  11. There is no re-entry or in/out privileges permitted.
  12. Groups must be adequately equipped with their own first aid supplies.

Amenities and attractions

Bechtel Park is located on 100 acres of land on the city's east side. Many areas are available for rent. Amenities and attractions include:

  • indoor field house
  • leash-free dog park
  • large forested area with wetlands
  • trails for hiking and cross-country skiing (view city trail map for details)
  • three soccer fields (one of which has lights)
  • hardball stadium with lights, dressing rooms and press box
  • batting cage
  • four hard-surface tennis / pickleball courts with lights
  • playground

Indoor field house

The Manulife Soccer and Sports Complex has unrestricted turf floor space (33.5 x 62m) and a ceiling height of 11 metres. It is commonly used by community groups, schools and sports teams for training. If you're coming for a drop-in program, note we only accept cash and cheque at this location.


During poor weather, check cancellations on our field conditions page.

Dog park

The south end of the park has a large leash-free area for dogs. Rules for the park:

  • don't bring treats or toys
  • don't bring puppies (under four months), aggressive dogs, or dogs in heat
  • dogs older than seven months must be spayed or neutered
  • kids under the age of 12 must come with an adult
  • pick up dog waste and dispose in the designated receptacle
  • dogs must have proper licences and vaccinations
  • stay in close control of your dog at all times